How conscious are you making your steps?


Business Coaching:   

Growth is the most discussed challenge in my Business coaching sessions. More turnover, more customers, a better profit and continuation. I am standing still! Need more focus! However, I don’t hear much about the underlying challenges. Conscious or unconscious people ignore real problems. As a business coach, I have to challenge you in your thinking so that you be aware of your real challenge.

Awareness is the first step to a real change. And your actions are always related to, how you as a person take a stand in your life.

During my coaching sessions, I focus on: knowing yourself, connection, trust, and leadership.
Strength of knowing yourself will decide the depth of the relationship with your surroundings and the rest of the world.
Which will decide the power of your self-confidence? Self-confidence will create trust in your surroundings and the rest of the world.
And the trust you have in people, or people have in you. That will determine the quality of your leadership.

Knowing yourself is knowing the universe.

With which feeling are you going every day to your business?

Except for the fact that I’m an ICF recognised Business Coach, I’m an entrepreneur for more than 16 years.
I know how it feels to stand alone on the top of the mountain. I have felt the uncertainties, the failures, the disappointments and the high and peak moments of joy and success. On this road, I have realised that there is always more than one possibility. There is a much deeper layer in us all, which is very powerful and is helping us to make very conscious choices. Choices that we need to make every moment in our daily lives.

We Entrepreneurs often forget that we are Top Performers on a lonely road.
And how much time do we give to ourselves? To stand still and to reflect.
And whom can we talk and reflect on our feelings and challenges?

Or do you hide your feeling away : Question: What are you afraid to talk about freely?

How conscious are you making your steps? And what do you need to create a robust and sustainable change in your organisation?
Change Management? Before you are going to change your business. Ask yourself the question: Who is standing behind the steering wheel?
And what he/she is doing. Is he/she firefighting all day. Or is she/he building the business?
We know the saying very well

An Entrepreneur must work on his/her business and not working in his/her industry. This saying is very quickly said than done!

As a Business Coach and as an experienced entrepreneur, I am familiar with these questions. And I am ready to share my experience with you, to challenge you on several points and create self-realisation. So that you can make more conscious steps and take your organisation in a direction you have dreamed off.

A little challenge: Look below at the pictures and answer the following questions:

  • What do you feel now?
  • What are you thinking?
  • What will you do about it?

How does your cirkel look like?

How hard do you control?

What if a business was living organism. How will you take care of it?

Are you financially and emotionally drowning?
Believe me, there is always a way to come out.

Take now an action: reach your hand out for help.
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