It is not the mountain we Conquer, But ourselves.

Unleash your inner Leader

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We believe that every human being is unique in his-her own way.

Each one of us needs a leader who helps us to realise what we are capable of- And that Leader is inside of YOU!

Unleash your inner Leader

So here we are to coach & guide you to discover your inner leader so you can beat every challenge and to be the best version of yourself.

You must have heard many times in your life - ''Know yourself and believe in yourself''. Deep inside, you understand all those voices trying to guide you to be your best, but how can you act on them, and practice them in your daily life. And how can you deal with all these voices in your head?
( I was successful before, but why it is not working now? /What is making me so insecure? /Where do I stand?/What do I really want ?)
And then the sudden realisation: I don’t know what to do!

Often, many times in our life, we come across being confronted by these questions, sometimes disguised in the forms of challenges.
Sometimes we manage situations well, but other times we find ourselves stuck in a loop going round and round without any progress or change.
Question: Do you recognise yourself sometimes that you find yourself always and endlessly talking about the same challenge? And sometimes for years?
Question: How much energy does it take from you? And what is the impact on you and your family? And on your environment?

Coaching is a proven tool that can help you self - realise and guide you to overcome challenges in an effective way. It helps improve performance and focuses on what matters. Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximise their performance.

Singh Consulting stands for :

  • Developing awareness and personal growth
  • Developing Self-Confidence and a positive mindset
  • Breaking Patterns
  • Creating, developing and using own possibilities

Unleash Your Inner Leader!

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It was a great coaching session with you. Having a simplified solution(s) of my complexed business-related problems through my own answers was a unique process. Besides this process, general discussion on a different aspect of the business was also informative. I would definitely like to visit and avail of your coaching services. I would strongly recommend your coaching services to my contacts and colleagues as well. I wish you all the best.


Founder Director at Dutch Travel group

Fijne coach

Fijne coach, voelt je gelijk op je gemak. Coach laat je zien hoe simpel eigenlijk alles is, en laat je zien hoe het eigenlijk is. Paar dagen na de sessie merk je echt verschil. Het heeft mijn zeker geholpen.


De ups en downs van een ondernemer zijn…

De ups en downs van een ondernemer zijn soms lastig te delen met vrienden en familie. Ik vond het erg prettig om met jou hierover te kunnen sparren. Ik heb mijzelf in zeer korte tijd enorm ontwikkeld als ondernemer en als persoon. Door onze gesprekken kan ik veel gemakkelijker relativeren en dingen in perspectief plaatsen. Bedankt voor je steun, peptalks en keep up the good work!

R Bachoe

Paul has a great insight into the…

Paul has great insight into the thought process of being a successful person. He uses a tailor-made approach based on individual needs and helped me in sorting out my strengths and hidden fears. I strongly recommend him.

Dr. Veerander Ghotra

Excellent services

Excellent services! Highly recommend!

Simran Philora

Professional development and training.

Professional development and training are excellent. Providing a good work environment, facilitating work exposure, a deep understanding of cooperative teamwork and enhance self-growth to perform the different multi-task. His coaching provides a genuine solution and is very helpful.

Dharminder Singh

Highly recommended!

Paul is a thoughtful and smart coach who leads you to great insights and results. He takes the time to listen but is also very proactive in evoking change. I highly recommend him!

Mariana Seguí

Paul is a great coach!

Paul is, definitely, a great coach! He is all about fierce, courage and confidence. He knows how to work with his tools as a coach, but also he has a sensibility to manage it.
Do you want a coach with positive energy? So, he is the right man! Give you a try!


I have now had several sessions with Paul.

I have now had several sessions with Paul and he helped me in formulating and articulating goals in terms of both personal and professional development. Also, he offered me guidance on how to achieve those by setting up planning, prioritizing and structure.
Paul's way of working is very open, pleasant and professional and I can recommend Paul as a personal coach as it worked out for me.

Stefan van B

I had a great session it was very…

I had a great session it was very emotional, he is a good listener and coaches you through the private but also through the business processes. After several sessions, the solutions came by itself. You feel like a different person so I would recommend Paul to coach you as well 😁

Neeha Rana