About me :   

What is a success, and how do we measure it?
Everybody's definition of success is different; for some, it's money,   freedom, independence, time for yourself or your loved ones.
Or is it a state of mind.
For me, success is an accomplishment and converting my dreams into reality.

Hi, I am Paul Singh, an entrepreneur by profession. A realistic person full of energy, extremely driven studiously and very curious about life.   

My surroundings describe me as a sensitive listener and a very action-oriented leader. I encourage people to reflect on themselves and motivate them to come up with their own solutions and possibilities. One of my passion and interests is to connect people with themselves and with their surroundings. Honesty and trust are my most important values.

My skills and capabilities :

At a very young age, I started entrepreneurship.
I have been an entrepreneur for more than 16 years. In my career as an entrepreneur, I have seen the ups and downs. The highs and the lows of running a business. From 2019, I started to coach and to consult entrepreneurs in their challenges. I also run together with my partners a middle size fashion production company in the Netherlands and India. We have currently 80 people working in the company.

Working as a Coach, I have witnessed the positive impact I have made on my clients and their surroundings. Since then, I have decided to expand my coaching skills as I am passionate about what I do!

The fields I specialise in Coaching are:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Change and transformation on a personal level
  • Family company and their internal and external challenges
  • Awareness and self-confidence
  • Meditation and spirituality

My Background :

I am originally from India and came to the Netherlands when I was three years old. Because of family circumstances, I have started working right after high school. And in the evening I used to attend classes for Business science. In 2002, I started a company with my partners.
In 2018, I took a step towards what I always wanted to do - Coach. And, that's it, I started to coach people. Success followed me as I took a step towards my passion and to expand my wings, and I got my accreditation as a qualified Coach. As a professional coach, I am a member of the ICF ( International coach federation. Expect that the ICF has high standards on integrity and quality.
It also stands that the coach needs to develop himself continuously and stay disciplined. Above all that, I am a very family orientated man, very interested in the spiritual side of a person. And I coach people to help them to achieve their goals. And that makes me happy.

My working method is straightforward

Watch, Listen, feel, analyse, make a plan, execute, anticipate and keep going.

I could come across very assertive but in a positive way as I want my clients to get the best out of themselves. I respect everyone's opinions.
Honestly is a steady base to grow. I have an open mindset.

Because of my international work, I am very adaptive to many cultures and their perceptions. I can understand many cultures and their hierarchy models.
I’m not a coffee/thee coach. I love the interaction, and with exciting exercises, I will try to challenge you so that you can go home with a feeling of accomplishment.

I am ready to coach you!

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Take care

Paul Singh

Personal and Business Coach
Co-Active coaching member of the ICF International Coach Federation

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